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This is Efrain Fernandez Webmaster of Isla Tecno Designs,




1- SBCC-Original website:

2- Bring me a book:

3- I guess the "geometric sample" is this, sample1:



 Since Isla Tecno Designs deal with the design, implementation and maintenace of our client's Websites our team has to evaluate what role we are going to play in this project that seems like a "'current website modification "'project.


 Follow these steps in WIX  so we can  start working in the renovation of your website :

1. Use your WIX dashboard to select your current Website.

2. Next, you will use the option in the menu called DUPLiCATE. This will create a duplicate of your current Website since we need that duplicate Website to construct your new one with it, And also to keep your current Website online and  undisturbed.

3. Use the WIX menu option RENAME, and give the duplicate site a new name. That could be SBCC2.

4. With the WIX menu option CONTRIBUTOR send me an invitation to contribute in your Website construction. When promted use my WIX account: .

5. After I accept and return your invitation we will be up and running in the renovation of your website.

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Isla Tecno Web Design Lab



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