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Why Marketing Strategy for Websites?

Marketing Strategy For Websites.

You never know how hard it is to survive in the congested and misunderstood world of the freelance website designer until you become one. As an example consider these:

There's a generalized notion that owning a website to run your business online will automatically switch your finantial status from rags, to riches, This is a well known myth spread between the internet commuters and the general public and has been interpreted by some as fact. Although, we understand this type of myth is due to the widespread assumption that the social media global reaching power has been undoubtetly confirmed. Following that premise the small business owner assume this social media tendency/phenomenun can be applied to his online website based bussines.

Since we as Freelance Website Designers, well know, the underlying fact of that notion is erroneous, I like to submit this Blog as an entree for further developments on that subject, so you as client start to really see the light behind this misconception.

In our next chapter we will discuss why Marketing Strategy is so important to the small website business owner.

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